Thursday, 25 February 2016

Diet Update Week 4 - Flatlining

Another disappointing week for the diet, with a loss of just 0.3kg. My body seems to have adjusted to the reduction in calories way too quickly, either that or the structure of my diet is wrong.
I’m still eating breakfast when I get to work (2 piece of toast with low fat cheese spread) which cuts out the inevitable craving for a mid-morning snack if I eat before leaving home, I have a sandwich for lunch, some days I may have some fruit in the afternoon, on Friday’s I’ll have a small packet of crisps, but most days nothing else. I eat a main meal in the evening, and maybe once a week I’ll have a desert afterwards, but other than that I don’t eat sweets or deserts. Maybe I should try having soup instead of a sandwich, but whether that will see me through till dinner without snacking is a big question.
I probably also need to find some way of getting more exercise in, but that will be tricky. Getting to the gym on a regular basis isn’t realistic given I’m now office based. My morning walk is good, but isn’t enough, so I’m going to have to try and fit some jogging in at the weekend.
I got my copy of the letter from the consultant to my GP at the weekend, so I’ll probably get a letter to come and see the GP for follow up next week. As expected there was a recommendation that I consider bariatric surgery although the wording is far softer than the rather direct conversation I had with the consultant. I’m hoping that as well as the obligatory tweak to my medication this might finally get me a referral to a dietician.

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