Thursday, 10 March 2016

World Kidney Day

Today was World Kidney Day, a day aimed at awareness of kidney health. Hooray! How do I know this, well because I stumbled across it by accident when I was searching again for an article I read a couple of weeks on the BBC website about a breakthrough in 3D printing of human organs.* If the BBC’s own search capability wasn’t so crap I’d never have found out about World Kidney Day, or at least not today (in case you’re wondering I found the article via Google). It’s quite funny really, given my own rather obvious interest in kidney issues that I had to stumble across a major initiative by accident, maybe I need to sign up to a few more resources to keep in the loop?

* I’ve been meaning to write a post about how encouraging some of these medical breakthroughs are to someone like me who is likely to need a transplant in the future. I’m fortunate to be living at a time when such developments are happening, and be at a point in my life (and disease) where such things could bring meaningful benefit). A subject I’ll hopefully have time to revisit in the next few weeks

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