Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Back to the GP

Just under two weeks ago I received a letter from the GP surgery informing me they'd received the letter from the consultant (my copy arrived a few days later) and asking me to come in and discuss the changes. So I called up and asked for a slot in the late surgery that runs on a Monday, I had to wait a week but as it wasn't urgent that was fine.

The appointment turned out rather timely as I've experienced another stubborn bout of gout and although my magic pills (a.k.a. Colchicine) were helping I can only take 4 a day for three days before breaking for three days and starting over again. The upshot is that the attack has stayed under control without fully clearing (I  dread to think what it would have been like without magic pills), and as I cannot start taking Allopurinol until I get properly clear of gout I'm in a bit of trap. I'm fortunate that I have no shortage of magic pills as the 48 the Consultant prescribed in May have been boosted by 150 the in-laws obtained over the counter in Northern Cyprus. They've also offered to get me some more in August if I need them which will rather depend on how the Allupurinol performs. My current supply should last a year assuming that heavy attacks remain an exception and the less serious ones clear within a day and a half of treatment, but it is quite literally a pain to run out of them during an attack.

I discussed the gout with the GP and he suggested a five day course of Prednisolone steroids (40mg once a day), which I was actually going to suggest myself given it worked okay last year. He described it as "using a sledgehammer to crack a nut" but I'm not convinced as last year I needed two courses of the same, admittedly that attack was more severe but I wasn't using magic tablets back then so there was no mitigation already in place. My hope is the steroids will break the current three day on/off cycle and next week I will be able to start the Allopurinol. Other than that we talked about coming off the water tablet and that I need to keep an eye on my blood pressure as we may need to increase the daily dose of Amlodopine (Ramipril is maxxed out). He also suggested I may need to come back after I've been on Allupurinol a little while and I've made a note to self to get more consistent taking weekly blood pressure readings at home.

My weight loss has pretty much stalled, no gain, but I'm still hovering around the 115kg mark I was a month ago. I have made an effort to get back into the swing of things diet wise this week, but an attempt at a new exercise plan stalled with the gout attack, so once the Prednisolone does its thing I'll be restarting that.

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