Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Father's Day Temptation

It was Father's Day Sunday just gone, and with it came temptations to spoil my diet. On the Saturday we went out for an Italian, a starter portion of carbonara followed by calzone weren't exactly the healthy options, but then there's no point in paying to eat out somewhere special and then ordering stuff you're not fussed about, may as well just stay at home. I did pass over the option of a dessert, but that wasn't much of a hardship, desserts in Italian restaurants (and Spanish for that matter) are usually pretty mediocre. I don't drink coffee so the ever predictable tiramisu is of no interest and unless they have a good selection of proper gelatto then ice cream is a waste of valuable calories.  

On Sunday morning the kids gave me a large bar of Reece's peanut butter chocolate, which I've so far avoided opening. I love the stuff, but once it's open the chances are I will struggle to avoid eating it in one or at best two sittings. It was a nice day, so we took a picnic to Priory Park, the only problem being that I always end up eating more at a picnic lunch than I would normally. My typical lunch is a roll or sandwich and occasionally some crisps at the weekend, but I ended up adding not just crisps but some snack sausage rolls and a chocolate biscuit, then a little later in the afternoon we had ice cream from the cafe.

In the evening the in-laws came up for dinner, which of itself wasn't a problem, but I wasn't very happy with the volume of dessert my wife had bought. For four adults and two children we had a large cheesecake and a large chocolate fudge cake, each of which would give six generous adult servings. Add in berries and fresh cream and it was more than double the amount of dessert we really needed. I resisted, but made the point that going so far overboard with dessert was wasteful and doesn't make things easy for someone trying to diet.

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