Friday, 1 July 2016


Well it had to happen given the temptations laid in my path, my weight loss inevitably started to go backwards last week. When I got on the scales on Wednesday I was 115kg up 1kg. Fortunately, the gout attack has significantly receded, although there is still a small amount of pain in my left foot (ball of the big toe and heel) it hasn’t got significantly worse for about a week. The course of steroids didn't finish it off and I still needed another cycle of magic tablets early last week, but at least things are now settling down now. I’m planning a final cycle of Colchicine this weekend in the hope I will be able to start Allopurinol early next week.
I have been trying harder with the diet this week, albeit temptations are everywhere. One of the downsides of my current workplace is the culture of bringing in cakes and sweets to share on a near daily basis. This piece on the BBC about "office cake culture" is a rather timely example of the problems I face. Most of the time I resist, but yesterday I did indulge in one of the donuts a team mate procured to celebrate his birthday. It didn't help that the boxes were stacked right next to my desk ensuring a steady waft of sugary smells in my direction.
Talking of birthdays, it's my own next week. My wife is treating me to a fitbit, which is something I've been looking at for a while. I'm keen to start recording just how many steps I'm taking daily, and use it as motivation to increase, particularly by fitting in more lunchtime walks. Now I just have to decide whether I take in cakes next week, or whether I just let the day pass quietly (my preferred approach to my birthday).

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