Thursday, 1 September 2016

Special Measures

Well, my plan to get down to 111kg by my next visit to the consultant on 13th September is completely in tatters. This morning, with two weeks to go, I weighed in at 116.1kg, basically 1.5kg heavier than I was 4 months ago. It's not that I have been especially bad with my diet or exercise, I just haven't been disciplined enough overall.

The lack of progress is a combination of daily 'extras' like ice cream and/or a couple of beers, particularly whilst I was on holiday in August, and a few 'bad' days like my cousin's wedding or Saturday's challenge cup final where I ate more or drank more than I would normally. It's not like I've been on any mad benders or have binged on food, it's just that there haven't been enough days where I've burned off more calories than I've consumed. I can get away with those occasional bad days if I keep the days with 'extras' to a couple of days a week, unfortunately I haven't done that.

So my new target is 113kg. That is basically 3kg in two weeks, very challenging but not impossible. I'm working on this basis that I can shock my system back on track by cutting out chocolate and alcohol for two weeks, and adding a regular evening walk/jog to my routine. I still do my daily morning and lunchtime walks, and I follow my late breakfast and no morning snack routine at work, but I suspect that my body has simply normalised to this so I need to increase the work rate to get benefit. I think it will be an important milestone to break below 114kg.

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