Saturday, 14 January 2017

Target hit, well sort of…

I had my Consultant appointment on Tuesday, and by some strange fluke I managed to weigh in at 111.2kg, which was a bit of a surprise as I’ve been pretty consistently weighing in between 112kg and 113kg in recent weeks. I’m pretty certain that 112kg to 113kg is my current stable weight range, so I’ve created a bit of a rod for my own back, when I go back in four months I’m going to need to be under 110kg, which means a loss of at least 3kgs, and that’s not helped by me being a bit naughty ever since Tuesday!
On the positive side my Consultant is happy with my progress, she says my stats are strengthening and showing definite improvement with the weight loss and the medication regime. The closer I get to the ultimate target of 100kg the more time I’m giving myself before I end up on dialysis and the transplant list. I’ve also been free of gout attacks for a long time now, which is a very physical sign of improvement.

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