Wednesday, 29 March 2017

From tragedy comes hope

I came across this tragic story on Sunday night when I unwittingly crossed the Facebook timeline of a relative who is an acquaintance of the victim's mother. I find stories like this uncomfortable, it raises my worst fears for my own children, but this case happened on a road I have trodden probably thousands of times. The only positive is that this poor little girl has probably saved the lives of several other people with organ donation, something that her grieving mother must be commended for. At such an incredibly painful time it would have been understandable had she batted the question of donation away, that she didn't showed incredible bravery and is a fitting tribute to her daughter (the recipients also have a big sacrifice to live up to). With all the talk of presumed consent it's a shame the pond life responsible aren't having all their organs forcibly donated to more worthwhile causes. I'm sure there's a utilitarian argument for that somewhere.

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