Saturday, 8 April 2017

Nightime peeing

Interesting story on BBC last week about how needing to pass urine in the night may be linked to excess salt consumption. For many years now I've found that most nights I wake in the early hours and find I need to wee, but it has become a little more noticeable over the last few years. These days I often find I wake again anytime between fifteen and thirty minutes before my alarm goes off, which is annoying as I invariably need to go when I wake, but that has only happened since I started my current job which requires regular early starts for the London commute.
I don't believe there there is anything unusual about waking in the night per se, the idea that it is natural sleep all the way through the night without waking is probably a modern myth. But I have pondered the issue of nightime peeing more since my GP warned about the risks of pre-diabetes and I subsequently read it can be sign of diabetes (I'm somewhat reassured by the absence of many other signs). I'd love to be able to sleep longer, I usually manage just over seven hours during the week and over eight at the weekend, but as hinted above this is due to daily routine rather than anything sinister. I do sometimes feel tired at work, but then staring at a computer screen for prolonger periods has that effect.
There are some obvious reasons for wanting to go for a wee in the night, firstly I'm getting older. Secondly, as a compulsive tea drinker I often drink a large cup in the evening not long before bed. Tea contains caffeine which is sometimes claimed as a mild diuretic, but as a regular consumer the effect on me is probably minimal. A third reason is that I always take a bottle of water to bed with me, which I sip from if I feel thirsty in the night, sometimes I hardly touch it, but every now and again I will consume the lot. But maybe a small contributing factor is the sodium bicarbonate tables I have been taking for for the last couple of years. I remember when the Consultant first put me on them, she gave me Furosomide so I would flush the salt out out first thing in the morning even though I laughed at the idea of needing any assistance going for a wee first thing in the morning! The diuretic tablets didn't last long as they only triggered gout attacks, but the sodium bicarbonate tablets have increased since then.

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