Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Mixed Blessings

I had three medical appointments last week, two planned well in advance, the third a late addition at the GPs request. 

Early on Tuesday I had my regular check in with the Nephrology Consultant; having failed to lose any weight since my last visit (in fact I'd gained 0.5kg) I had some slight trepidation. It turned out my recent bloods had produced my best CKD results for several years and my blood pressure readings are also acceptable, so she was actually very happy with the progress. I explained I've been making efforts to maintain good fitness despite the flat lining weight loss, and she agreed this is definitely making a positive difference. So we’re sticking with the current regime and I said I’d talk to my GP about weight management (although I'm pretty sure the status report to my GP will include the usual weight based admonishments). 

Later the same morning I had my annual review at the GP surgery. The nurse was initially perplexed about why I was there even though the review had been initiated by the surgery, but things were quickly resolved. I also pointed out I'd been sent a further request to make an appointment with a GP to discuss blood test results, basically indicating something required the attention of a GP rather than a nurse (a similar thing happened last year, so I suspected another pre-diabetes flag). 

For the second time that day I was weighed and had my blood pressure taken, fortunately the results were consistent, although I'm now pretty certain my scales at home weigh c.0.5kg heavier than those at the hospital and GP surgery. Pretty much everything in the blood test was fine, cholesterol, liver function etc… It also turned out the HbA1c test that set off the pre-diabetes flag last year ago was now back in the healthy range, my improved activity levels probably reversing early stage pre-diabetes. There was just one exception; the thyroid part of the blood test was flagging a warning which needed to be discussed with a GP. 

So on Friday afternoon I went back to see the new GP at the practice. Unfortunately having managed to knock off work early to get there I found the surgery (in fact the whole local NHS Trust) had fallen prey to the much publicised cyber hack. So the GP couldn’t see my blood test results. Fortunately I was able to explain about the thyroid deficiency flag (that being the only issue flagged) and the GP briefly explained the symptoms of an underactive thyroid. She asked if I was aware I was suffering from any, which I'm not, and she asked if there is any history of thyroid problems in my family, and there is, my Mum has a problem. But as I'm not demonstrating any of the major symptoms of an underactive thyroid, and she couldn’t see my results, she decided not to start treatment but go with the usual next step of retesting in three months. We didn’t get around to talking about weight management, but she said she would call me on Monday to discuss things further, when the system would hopefully be back up. 

The problem with this situation is that it’s tempting to focus on the under active thyroid and retro fit my recent difficulties losing weight on to it. There are weight related issues with this condition, but it’s probably a convenient self-delusion narrative to follow when the truth is that losing weight is just very difficult to achieve even with sensible eating and exercise. Unfortunately nobody was home for most of yesterday, there were two calls from unknown numbers on my home answerphone, but no messages, and I didn’t receive a call on my mobile. So I’m going to give the surgery a call today, although I suspect they are trying desperately to catch-up from Friday.

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