Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Seven days is all she wrote, a kind of ultimatum note

No this isn't a post about a Sting track, it's me mildly panicking that I'm just one week out from my next Consultant's appointment and currently weighing in at 112.7kg. Due to a combination of things, not least my daughter's first holy communion at the weekend, I've let my diet slip a bit in the last couple of weeks and hence a rise in my weight. So I'm desperately trying to get down to 111kg for next week.
I said after my last appointment I'd made a rod for my own back by unexpectedly weighing in at 111kg, and so it has proved. For most of the past four months I've fluctuated between 111kg and 112kg and it's been pretty difficult to get below no matter what I've done, in fact when I have dropped below 111kg it has been mostly fluke. So I've stepped up my exercise regime to try and hit 15 thousand steps a day and I'm trying to forgo alcohol and chocolate for the next seven days.
Next Tuesday I've also got my annual medical at the GP surgery (it says I'm seeing a nurse but last year I ended up seeing a GP) so I’m going to ask about a Wellbeing prescription, this is a scheme being offered in conjunction with the local authorities to help make interventions into issues such as weight loss, smoking, mental health etc. It will be interesting to see if meaningful help is available to assist my weight loss efforts, I’m trying not to be prejudiced but knowing how tight funding is in both the NHS and local authorities I’m a little cynical. My gut instinct is that it won’t lead to the expert help I’m really looking for, but is probably going to be generic, lowest common denominator advice. Still, it won’t hurt to ask.
As I’m going to be at the hospital on Tuesday I’m going to drop off my first semen sample to test if my vasectomy has been effective. I was supposed to do it a couple of weeks ago but haven’t had chance. Apparently, the sample needs to be at the hospital within an hour of being produced, which makes it slightly awkward. I picked up the correct bottle at the GP surgery this morning when I had my bloods done, so next Tuesday’s visit to the hospital is going to be a little different!

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