Sunday, 16 July 2017

Getting jizzy with it!

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post. On Sunday 2nd I completed the Kidney Research London Bridges Walk, it was a good event and I really enjoyed it. I covered the seven miles in my target time of two and a half hours, a reasonable pace given it was a hot day and the route went through some of London's most congested pedestrian areas. Parts of the Southbank and Westminster Bridge took far longer than their physical distance suggests due to throngs of tourists and numpties blocking the pavements trying to take selfies against the backdrop of the Palace of Westminster. Also, on the narrow stretches of the northern Thames Path it was easy to get stuck behind gaggles of Sunday shufflers out for a lazy stroll.
I spent most of the walk listening to the Black Tapes Podcast, which I've become addicted to of late. Although I was nominally walking alone, and it was by no means a race, the other walkers helped me maintain a decent pace and I never risked losing motivation, which might have been the case had it been a random walk along the river. Factoring in my travel to the City Hall start, the walk itself, and the trip to Byron afterwards I clocked up a personal best 25.8k steps. I'm now looking for other similar activities, I know there are walking groups in my area, but my preferred modus operendi is a bit too anti-social for that, I might try and map out some local 5k routes I can walk/jog when I have time.
Last week was my 40th birthday, so my wife, knowing I'd taken a day’s leave, booked me an extra special treat... a trip to the dentist! It's not that I'm afraid of dentists, although I did have a couple of horrible experiences as a child, I just got out of the habit five or six years ago. The practice I was registered with wasn't convenient and as it's not always easy to register with a good NHS dentist I never got around to moving. So, after years of nagging, my wife took matters in her own hands and registered me with her dentist. It was about time; I'd been starting to worry about occasional pain twinges from a twenty-year old filling.
It started with the Hygenist giving my pegs a good scale and polish, they weren't too heavily scaled but what was there was stubborn. Afterwards the Dentist did a check-up and x-rays. Fortunately, nothing of real concern came up, the twinges appear to be the old filling pressing on a nerve, but the filling itself is sound. There was the option to drill it out, line it and refill it, but given it's a negligible issue I decided to leave alone for now.
On the 7th I gave my second semen sample to Andrology at East Surrey Hospital, so I should know this week if my vasectomy has the all clear. If I don’t get the all clear I’ve no idea what happens next. It will be a complete bugger if I have to have another procedure. Also, if my tubes haven’t been properly sealed up what the hell has happened? This week I need to arrange the second blood test for an underactive thyroid, I’ve held off renewing my NHS annual prescription certificate as if I do have hypothyroidism then my prescriptions should become free.
I’m hoping any treatment for potential hypothyroidism will help with my weight loss, but I’m not holding out great hope. The reading that triggered the whole inquiry showed only mild hypothyroidism and my brief reading around on the condition suggested weight loss is only likely with more serious hypothyroidism. I’m still kicking around 113kg, I briefly went up to 114kg after my birthday celebrations, despite high activity levels, but that was due to overindulgence. It just seems I’m in that zone where it takes a lot of activity to shift the dial down even slightly.  

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