Thursday, 5 October 2017

Sliding towards the inevitable

So, my appointment came and went three weeks ago now. After all my fussing about weight gain I ended up weighing in at 113kg, which was 2kg above my previous appointment, but pretty much where I’ve been for the last year.
As it was the Consultant didn’t give me a hard time, mainly because my eGFR has shown its first significant decline in a couple of years. She did warn me not to read too much into it, as individual readings can fluctuate significantly, but it does appear I’m starting to shuffle off the plateau. Her best guess is that I will need a transplant in somewhere between six and ten years to avoid dialysis.
It’s hard to predict this with any great accuracy, as the majority of my readings are stable and the amount of protein in my urine is relatively low versus my eGFR which apparently means I’ve got a chance of edging towards the furthest end of that timeline. The big danger is that I suffer some form of serious illness, which would accelerate the decline. Touch wood, no such thing happens, but it is something I need to be wary of.
I’ve known for several years that failure was inevitable, but I had hoped to delay it for as long as possible. Now I’m at the point where I know the clock is ticking and the challenges ahead are starting to crystallise. In an ideal world a close blood relative would offer me a kidney, as that would provide the best chance of compatibility, but as my Mum and my brother only have one kidney each; that just leaves my sister who has never been tested for kidney disorders or my Dad. I’d be worried about my sister being a donor if only because the odds of her having some form of disorder have got to be high, as for my Dad, I’m not sure about him either as he has suffered from heart arrhythmia in the past.
I suspect that my best hope will be from an anonymous donor; likely involving time on a waiting list, fortunately as I’m relatively young, strong and healthy this perhaps isn’t as risky as if I were older and more fragile. The target weight of 100kg will become of greater importance, the 13kg or so to that destination are proving stubborn, but five years ago I was over 130kg, so I know it is possible. I know medical science is moving apace when it comes to artificial and cloned organs, but I suspect that any breakthroughs will come too late this time round (but given my age it is not inconceivable I will benefit in the future). I may also need to re-evaluate my feelings on presumed consent for organ donation, now my life may depend on it!

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