Thursday, 23 November 2017

Job success...

After my whining about the botched skills test last month; they only went and offered me the job last Friday. Admittedly, I didn't just moan at HR and they threw it me as placation, I had to interview first. But I was able to use inside knowledge to gen up on the possible questions which meant it went well. 

The head of the wider team I'm currently in wasn't best pleased with my decision to transfer, but he cannot compete with the salary offered. We're currently going through the most laborious and convoluted organisational restructure I've ever experienced (that's really saying something) causing him extra headache. I wasn't mapped into a role, but certain skills I possess are definitely wanted, which all but guaranteed me a role from the pool I was in. Now I'm leaving I'm taking those skills with me and they cannot be replaced short-term. It does mean I’m resolving the required headcount reduction, but that also means opportunity for voluntary redundancy is removed from that pool. A bit of a political minefield.

The boss suggested I might not be as happy in the new department, the culture isn't as positive as the one I'm leaving, and it might be a bit of a dead end personal development wise. He's right on all of these things, unfortunately staying put would keep me in a smaller pool, which is also a dead end for career progression. The new role puts me in a bigger pool, and although it may not be as intellectually stimulating, it is a step up the ladder and more importantly a substantial pay rise taking me back in the direction of where I was before I joined this employer. This was always the plan, I took a less demanding role than I'd had before with a longer-view to moving back up the ladder. 

Now I’ve just got to negotiate the fact that my second day in new role coincides with my first nephrology appointment of the new year, which I’ve booked off. Let’s hope that’s not an inauspicious start!

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