Sunday, 31 December 2017

Looking forward, looking back

This will almost certainly be my last post of 2017, I'm currently back up North visiting my family for New Year. 

It has been a strange old year, certainly a busy one, hence the limited posts, and maybe it marked a turning point in the managed decline of my kidneys. The dip in eGFR reported in October was a sharp reminder my kidney function is on borrowed time, in a couple of weeks I’ll get my next set of numbers and we’ll see if has dipped again. My weight has pretty much flat lined around 113kg, not ideal, pretty much where I was ten years ago, but at least I’ve avoided ballooning to the kind of weight I was five years ago.

There has been the ongoing farce of my vasectomy. The same day I go to my next Nephrology appointment I’ll be submitting my fourth andrology test to try and clear up the little matter of non-motile sperm. The GP will also hopefully have received a response from the surgeon who carried it out.

There are lots of positives ahead in 2018; I have my new job starting in early January and I’ve started to get my shit together for a podcast project I’ve been planning for a while (more about that soon). I’m going to make more of an effort to post here; perhaps broaden the scope a little bit and more importantly tackle some of the big topics I’ve been mulling over like the implications of ‘presumed consent’ for organ donation. On the CKD front the GP’s decision to refer me to the ‘Healthier You’ programme could also provide the next much needed step change in my lifestyle.

Happy New Year!

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