Friday, 29 December 2017

My poem about CKD

I wrote a poem about my CKD back in October. It was my submission to a competition run by my employer’s Disability Staff Network Group (DSNG) to publicise ‘International Day for Disabled Persons’ on December 3rd. Unfortunately I didn’t win, I didn’t actually hear anything at all, I only found out who won yesterday when I did a bit of searching across the staff intranet.

I actually joined the DSNG at the end of February and I’m still waiting to hear back about upcoming meetings and events. To give credit where it’s due the mental health stream is very active; with workshops and drop-in sessions heavily publicised, but I suspect this is due to the efforts of a few committed individuals and overlap with the corporate health and wellbeing programme. To be fair, I don’t consider myself as ‘disabled’, although that may change when my CKD gets to end stage.

Anyway here it is:  

Forgive my words if they are terse
It's not the end, it could be worse
They try their best, I'm sure it's true
But it's all my kidneys they can do!

They were never right from the start
Now I fear they'll break my heart
And when their time is finally come
I’ll beg a donor for another one

No point in asking ‘Why’?
Will only send my BP high
No more gout I hope and pray
It can only spoil my day

So a rather sorry little tale
I'll horde the days until they fail
Till then I mustn’t worry
For dialysis I’m in no hurry

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