Wednesday, 17 January 2018

A reprieve of sorts

Okay, I had my Nephrology appointment last week and the result was something of a reprieve. I weighed in at 114kg, reflecting too many sweets and not enough exercise over the holidays, but the main thing was my GFR had gone back up to 31. Last time out it had dipped to 25, raising fears I was sliding towards failure, but the consultant now thinks my kidneys were 'too dry' when the previous test was taken. It doesn't stop the inevitable, but it pushes back the horizon and I’m grateful for that.
I had been a little worried the test results had been compromised. The day after bloods were taken I got a call from the surgery saying one of the four vials had been damaged in transit and 'could I come back for another test'? At the time I was on the M40 heading north for New Year, so that was a negative. Fortunately, it seems the damaged vial was one of the less important tests. My blood pressure is good, so my medication has been left alone, but I’ve been told to watch my potassium levels as they’re on the high side. The potassium may well be the culprit behind my muscle cramps and probably means the end of peanut based treats.
Whilst I was there I handed in my fourth semen sample for andrology analysis; twelve months on and I’m still don't waiting for the all clear from my vasectomy (although I do know my fertility is severely limited). 

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