Sunday, 21 January 2018

Trawling the January sales

I hate others buying me clothes, my size and shape means getting clothes that fit nicely, or that aren't hideous can be challenging. I can't trust standard sizes, because they're not really standard, and you can't trust the cut without trying on, many a time I've found a pair of trousers that fit my waist but then have inexplicably narrow legs, as if designed for a ball shaped person with pipecleaner legs! So every year I tell people not to buy me clothing as gifts, and every December this is ignored, and every January I take the unwated clothing back to be refunded or exchanged.

So over the last couple of weeks I've made my annual January trip to the shops. I don't like shopping, bookshops excepted, but it's a necessary evil and I could do with a few new shirts for work. I was hoping to snag a bargain amongst all the seasonal shite and leftovers hauled out of the store room; the better quality, well designed stuff that looks good year in year out generally stays full price, but you do get the odd bit of luck. Sadly, I didn't have any luck. There was no shortage of shite on sale, but one thing that stuck me looking at shirts is how many, nominally good quality shirts there were on sale, but in unusual sizes. I typically take an 18 inch collar regular fit shirt, tailored and slim fit are too tight for someone my size (slim fit is for bean poles, tailored fit is basically slim with regular shoulders). There were an awful lot of slim and tailored fit shirts on sale with 17 to 20 inch collars, which when you think about it is a pretty niche market, Okay, you might get some roid head musclemen with slim wastes and big necks who rock a tailored 17 inch collar shirts, but a slim fit shirt with a 20 inch neck?  

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