Thursday, 29 March 2018

Firing Blanks

After all my guff about posting more often this year I’ve reverted to form. Once work is done and family responsibilities are taken care of I just can’t be arsed to write. It’s not that there aren’t things I don’t want to put down, it’s just that I’d rather watch a tv show, read a book or listen to a podcast.
Anyway, I got the results back from my latest andrology test last month and I am finally shooting blanks. So pretty much twelve months after my vasectomy I am finally infertile. Does it feel any different? No. 
As far as my CKD goes there's not much to report. My weight has crept up to between 114 and 115 kg, it's hardly ballooning, but not heading in the right direction. This morning I had the second course of four hep B vaccinations that my Nephrologist recommended, the first course just over a month ago left my slightly groggy, but nothing today. I'm still waiting to hear back from the healthier living referral the GP was supposedly making back in December. 

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