Wednesday, 16 May 2018

16:8 Washout

The 16:8 turned out to be a washout. I did it for a couple of weeks and saw no material improvement. I’ve decided to try and mix my regular diet up a bit instead. I’m aiming to replace my main evening meal with a bowl of soup a couple of evenings a week, and also switch out lunchtime sandwiches with a baked potato some days. Hopefully this will reduce down my refined carb intake a little. One thing I do need to get a handle on is grazing on sweets before dinner. I’m not bingeing, but the house is awash with sweets and chocolate which puts me wide open to temptation when I get home feeling hungry but with dinner usually an hour away at least.
I’ve also started walking to the station again in the morning, at least when weather and schedule permits. It adds at least another two thousand steps on to my daily count, and it comes before breakfast which in theory is good for digestion. Too early to tell if these moves will be successful, but I’ve less than three weeks to my next trip to the Nephrologist and I really want to get my weight down to at least 114kg by then.

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