Monday, 31 December 2018

Looking forward, looking back...redux

I had my latest visit to the consultant on 18th December. Nothing much to report. My weight was c.114.5kg, pretty much same as three months earlier, and my stats were the same. It was slightly disappointing that the results of my Hep B screen hadn't come through given it was done at same time as my regular bloods. So, I'll be doing that again next time out. Given the stability the consultant suggested we move to longer intervals between appointments, originally we did every 4 months, then in last couple of years it became 3 months, so we're going to go back to 4 months with a view to moving to 6 months if nothing changes.

Unfortunately that does mean my next appointment falls in the middle of a planned holiday to Florida, so it's going to have to be moved. And whilst I'm doing that I need to sort out some specialist travel insurance, I do have travel insurance as part of my banking package, but it doesn't cover CKD related issues due to it being a pre-existing condition. Whilst the chances of a CKD related incident are pretty low, the notorious cost of US healthcare makes it better to be safe than sorry. Whilst spending Christmas up North I was down the local with my Dad and brother when I saw a fundraising poster for the son of a regular, this guy suffered serious head injuries whilst quad biking overseas with no travel insurance, it took major effort to get him home and to pay for his ongoing needs.

Talking of Christmas, I've been doing my best to moderate my eating and drinking, although it's not been easy. I returned from my parents weighed down by nut related chocolates. Before Christmas my wife told me she'd seen some oversized Reeces peanut butter cups, but she'd wouldn't buy me any as they were excessive (she doesn't like them anyway), I chided her for being selfish and hey ho I end up with a packet in my stocking. Eachcup is a whole 2lb in weight, I love Reeces, but the thought of eating almost a kilo of peanut butter chocolate makes me feel sick, I'm going to have to cut them into 4 and eat a piece a day. It doesn't end there, I got a pile of Toffifees and a Reeces selection box too.

Last year we did Christmas at home with my wife's family, and New Year with mine up North, so as usual we rotated this time out. Tonight we're having friends over for dinner, and I'm contemplating getting in a mini keg of bitter, whilst tomorrow will be Christmas Day Mk2, where we repeat the 25th December only with my wife's family. I'm not a big one for roast dinners, but Christmas dinner is usually a bit better mainly due to the lovely sprouts and pigs in blankets, but still it's going to be calorific.

Looking back at my post from exactly a year ago today is a mixed bag. My weight is kicking around 2kg up from where it was at that point, and the 'Healthier You' programme has yet to put on a clinic I can get to, on the other hand I had the all clear from my vasectomy and my CKD has been stable. Away from health issues, I've now done almost a year in my new position, worked on some interesting projects and picked up some new skills along the way. My podcast project has pretty much stalled due to lack of time, and I've gotten no better at posting updates on my blogs. Overall it has to count as a good year, I may not have made all the progress I wanted, but I've not gone backwards; let’s hope 2019 brings new impetus.  

Update: the Reeces cups were not 2lb each they were 1/2 pound each, but still plenty sickly and best eaten a quarter of a cup at a time. 

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