Thursday, 17 January 2019

Goals update one

One. I’ve ordered some acoustic foam panels to complete my homemade ‘recording cube’.
Two. I dusted off the Run 5K app and did the three ‘week one’ programme sessions last week, and the first session of ‘week two’ yesterday. The sessions are a mix of walks interspersed with bursts of running (jogging really). It was tough, I hit the wall a few times, especially with the first session of ‘week two’ as the split between walking and running stepped up. I may need to repeat week one again. One thing I did learn quickly was wearing decent footwear is important, the first two sessions I used beat up old trainers and ended up with heel pain, so they went in the bin and I swapped them out with a new pair of running trainers.
Three. My first proper weight-in post-Christmas put me at 116.3kg, then 15.5kg yesterday. That’s pretty good seeing as I haven’t really made much of an effort to diet as I finish off all the leftover chocolates from Christmas. The coming week should be more telling.
Four. I’ve been doing some proof of concept work with Power BI at work, so I watched a few videos relating to DAX but there is surprisingly little available free-to-view. Even the paid for training materials I have access to through work are pretty weak on anything but the most basic DAX. A new edition of the ‘definitive’ guide from Microsoft is published in a few weeks, so I’ll probably just pony up for that.
Five. Nothing to report on the garage, but I did install the new kitchen blind.
Six. Nothing to report.
Seven. Nothing to report.

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