Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Goals update two

One. My acoustic foam looks good, but the fabric cube is a bit too big, so I’ll pick up another one in the next week or so. I haven’t had chance to do any proper testing yet though.
Two. Unfortunately, I only got one run done due to family commitments impinging on my Friday and Sunday slots. I did the first run of the ‘week two’ programme again, and I’ll probably stick to that again tomorrow (provided the snow melts so I can get out). I don’t think moving up to the ‘week three’ programme is viable at this stage.
Three. Weight unchanged, I’ve starting moved towards a new diet, but so far it’s been a case of trying to moderate rather than restrict.
Four. More proof of concept work with Power BI, but nothing DAX related.
Five. Nothing to report. On the DIY front I had to patch up the winter cover on the rabbit hutch after a fox decided to try and get in. Fortunately, the rabbits were unharmed.  
Six. Nothing to report.
Seven. Nothing to report.

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