Thursday, 14 March 2019

Goals update five

I've been a little slack with updates lately; other stuff getting in the way. One. I've done some editing work on my most complete script, but I'm disappointed with my own lack of effort. I also took a detour to the 'hobbies event' at the local church hall on Saturday in the hope of making contacts with one of the local drama groups, unfortunately the Operatic Society was the closest thing to what I'm looking for. Two. Recently it's been one or two jogs per week. I've dropped down to the 'week one' programme, which is challenging enough to get my heart pumping. It's sounds like an excuse, but there are only so many slots each week I can fit these runs in, and lately I've been out of routine. Three. This week I weighed in at 114.9kg. It crept up a bit following a trip up north to see the folks over half-term, but I've given up chocolate and sweets for Lent so hopefully that will help get me back on track. Four. Nothing DAX related, but I have been doing more work with Power BI and SQL Server, the latter being a little bit frustrating, partly because I'm used to the Oracle 'dialect' of SQL and the Microsoft version is a little different, and partly because SQL Server seems far less adept at casting and converting between different data types. Still, I'm doing stuff in Azure and it's more interesting than mundane work in Business Objects. Five. I've not done anything on my garage project, but I've had other DIY tasks to keep me busy. I fitted a new flush mechanism to the toilet in the main bathroom, resolving an intermittent fault which would cause it to keep running after being flushed. The problem had been going on for a while, but became more pertinent when we moved to a water meter last year. I was supposed to put together a new storage box for the garden, but the 'heavy duty' box my wife ordered via a Woucher deal turned out to be a flimsy piece of shit that had already begun breaking up in transit (the delivery driver throwing it over didn't help). So she's going through the hassle of getting the company that mis-sold it to come and collect it again. This weekend I'll be getting a real heavy duty box from B&Q. Six. Did a bit of work in Python this week, just a simple script to do some merging, renaming and reorganising of CSV files but it's been quite handy with a project I'm working on. Seven. Not a chance! But, I've got a £10 Waterstones voucher left from Christmas and I'm wondering whether to look for a simple primer I can read over the Easter holidays. I've already picked up a copy of Peter Frankopan's 'The Silk Roads' for this break, so it maybe better to balance that with something a little lighter?

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