Thursday, 30 May 2019

Goals update seven

One. I’ve written a new story and submitted it to Rusty Quill’s 'Rusty Fears 2' competition. I doubt it will win, as there’s likely to be a lot of high-quality competition, but having a deadline forced me to complete the story. I’m not normally a fan of writing to a brief, but the theme was wide enough to allow me to interpret it in my own way. The bonus is that I can fit it into the mythical ‘universe’ I’m creating with some of my other stories.

Two. I’ve been pretty good recently, doing three runs most weeks. I can feel my stamina increasing, although I’ve been sticking to the week one programme. This week I’m going to shuffle thing up a bit by trying out a the ‘Couch to 5k’ app from Public Health England. I’m also going to try adding some strength exercises into the mix, which will hopefully move things along a bit.

Three. My weight has been bouncing around between 115.5kg and 116.5kg lately, with a lot of it seeming to be down to how big a meal I had the night before the weigh in. My referral to the ‘Healthier You’ programme has turned into a complete clusterfuck, but I’ll write a proper post about that. I have picked up a book on the 5:2 diet by Michael Mosley, but I haven’t had chance to read it yet.

Four. I’ve been doing some training on Azure Analysis Services as part of a project at work, there’ll be some DAX training as part of that.

Five. Nothing on the garage, I need to start doing some planning to replace the side door. But I’ve got a list of other DIY things to do this weekend.

Six. Nothing.

Seven. Nothing.  

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