Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Goals update six

No updates recently as I spent a good chunk of April on holiday in Florida, followed by Easter and a busy week or two when I went back to work.

One. Nothing recently, no time.

Two. I didn't do much for most of April as I was away. This past week or so I've been making attempts to get back into the swing of things. Post-Florida I picked up a cold, but it’s almost shifted now, and my stamina is slowly rebuilding.

Three. The holiday in Florida, followed by Easter celebrations back home pushed me up to 117kg. It wasn't so much that I binged on holiday, I was just a bit lax, a couple too many beers and cheeseburgers. I'm trying to get things back on track with more controlled eating habits, but it doesn't help there's a shitload of chocolate and sweets in the house at the moment. My next consultant appointment has been rescheduled again, from late May to late July, so I’ve got a bit of time, and I really want to be down to 113/114kg by then. Given this is the second postponement it did leave me wondering about how much intelligence goes into delaying appointments. And on the subject of delays; I had a phone call from 'Healthier You' before I went away, which I'll write about separately, but it’s fair to say it wasn't particularly helpful.

Four. Nothing.

Five. Nothing on the garage, but a number of other DIY tasks have cropped up. My wife and I bought a new divan style bed for our daughter from Ikea. It was a mission putting it together, it being incredibly heavy due to all the built-in storage. I also replaced another light switch in the bedroom, confirming my suspicion that the builder selected the shitist switches possible when he did the extension. 

Six. Nothing.

Seven. Nothing.

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