Saturday, 8 June 2019

Goals update eight

One. Didn’t hear anything back from Rusty Quill about my entry, but I wasn’t really expecting to given the number of entries they’ll have received. I’m trying to find some time to polish up my first script so I can get the ball rolling again.

Two. I’ve been keeping up the runs, and my stamina is definitely increasing. The decision to switch to the ‘Couch to 5k’ app from Public Health England was a good move, I’ve done the week one run four times and next week I’ll try week two for the first time.

Three. No real change in my weight, 116.2kg this week. I was supposed to have my annual medical review this coming Wednesday, but the lab at East Surrey Hospital fucked up the urine test, so it had to be moved back a week. The GP surgery called me on Friday afternoon to tell me the lab had refused to process my urine sample because the bottle was incorrectly labelled, there was no further information about what that actually meant, but it sounds like total bollocks. Not only do I remember completing the label on the bottle, but I sealed it in the sample bag which had a handy printout from the GP attached. Somehow they knew what the sample was, what it was for, who had ordered it, who it was from, and even knew when it was submitted because I had a blood test done at same time, but they couldn’t process my piss because some detail they already had available in front of them was apparently missing from the bottle. Fortunately, they did process the blood, so those labels must have been acceptable!

Four. I’ve started a DAX training course from Pluralsight, and next week I’ll be using it anger on my current project.

Five. The garage has had a bit of a tidy out, I did a couple of dump runs this morning. But there’s other stuff I need to do before I attempt to replace the door.

Six. Nothing.

Seven. Nothing.  

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