Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Goals update nine

One. Nothing.

Two. Things are going well, I'm now on week four of the new programme and running for longer than I'm walking. Last night I managed a total of sixteen minutes of jogging, in two three minute bursts and two five minute bursts. A combination of growing stamina and sense of pacing are the key. A couple of months ago I struggled with a minute and a half of jogging, now I can manage five.

Three. My weight has been bouncing around all over the place. Two weeks ago I weighed in at 115.8kg on my home scales, only to weigh in at 115.2kg on the GP scales three hours later. Last week I was 116.8kg at home despite feeling I hadn't done anything to warrant the rise.
I finally got round to reading Michael Mosley's 'Fast 800' book which I picked up a couple of months back, so I'm now giving intermittent fasting a shot, but I'll try and write something more about that later this week. At my annual health review last week my blood sugar levels were stable, and my cholesterol had improved slightly, the only worrying thing was that my eGFR came back at 23 which is lowest yet. I'll be having another test in about three weeks so I'll have a better view by the end of the month when I see the consultant again.

Four. Some light DAX work as part of a solution I'm prototyping in Azure Analysis Services.

Five. My wife and I discussed replacing the garage door in the next couple of months, but we've decided to leave the electrical supply for at least a year till we replace the decking in the garden. But I've got a list of other jobs I'm working my way through at the moment, so not had much time to plan this work in.

Six. Nothing.


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