Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Goals update ten

One. Nothing, and I’m getting a bit conscious I’m not taking advantage of the time I could spend on it.

Two. I’m stuck on week six - run two of the programme, which I’ve repeated three or four times now. It’s two ten-minute jogs, with a three-minute walk in the middle.  I did attempt run three a couple of weeks ago, a straight through twenty-five-minute run, but I screwed up my rhythm, went to quick too early and blew up after about eight minutes. The current run is still a reasonable workout, especially compared to where I was three months ago, but to do run three I need be in the right mood and quickly find a good rhythm. I’ve found that settling into a comfortable pace can really make or break a run, and I find it easier on fast days when I feel lighter. My longest run to date was a straight through twenty minute one at the end of programme week five, but it was a real struggle and I’m not sure I’ve got enough miles under my belt yet to go longer. Main thing is I keep repeating my current run until I feel the momentum is there.

Three. I’ve been doing a mixture of intermittent fasting and time restricted eating for about seven weeks now, and my weight was down to 109.3kg this morning. I’m roughly 7kg lighter than when I started and its noticeable in the fit of my clothes. I recorded 111.3kg on the hospital scales on the 30th July, which was within my target of 111-112kg, and got a positive remark from the locum consultant. The weight loss has started to tail off, but I know I’ve been gradually relaxing my discipline. I always knew it’d be hard to stick to such a rigorous plan for a long time, so I’m going to try and stabilise for a few weeks. I’ll still be keeping an eye on what I eat and drink, but I’m not going to be as strict. I’m away camping next week, then it’s the annual Challenge Cup Final jolly, so keeping a strict diet would be very difficult. So, I’m just going to try and avoid ballooning over the next two weeks, then I’ll start stricter intermediate fasting again when I go back to work the last week in August, and aim to do it for about four weeks up until a friend’s wedding on the 20th September.

Four. I’ve been doing some DAX work, but it’s still pretty simple formulas. I’m going to look at ordering the new essential guide when I get back to work in a couple of weeks.

Five. I’ve done a few bits and pieces on the DIY front, and finally got around to measuring up the side door of the garage earlier this week. If I get chance before we go camping next week I’ll have a scan around B&Q and Wickes to price up the materials I need. I’ll also do my usual YouTube research on how to put it all together. With a bit of luck, I might get it done over the bank holiday weekend.

Six. Nothing.

Seven. Nothing.

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