Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Goals update eleven

One. I’ve started dabbling with my most complete script again, but time is tight right now.

Two. I’m still jogging around three times a week, but haven’t got beyond week six of the 5K programme. If I feel up to it, I’ll have another go at the third run later this week to try and push on to week seven of the programme.

Three. My weight today was 109.4kg, which is 0.3kg higher than last week. I did go over 110kg when I came back from holiday in late August, but mostly it’s been between 109-110kg. I haven’t got back into full on intermittent fasting, instead I’ve been doing calorie restricted and time restricted eating on certain days. Although I’ve been holding it down, I’ve noticed that more sugar and booze is creeping back in to my diet, something that won’t be helped by a wedding I’m going to next week. I need to set myself up for another round of intermittent fasting, ideally before the end of September or bad habits will cement themselves again.

Four. Been doing quite a bit of work in DAX. I’d been hoping to order the new edition of the definitive guide published by Microsoft, but it’s currently out of stock in the UK.

Five. I’ve had a few more bits of DIY recently, like sorting out the loft hatch. However, my wife is now pushing me to make a start on the garage door before the weather gets too poor.

Six. I borrowed a book on Python from the library last weekend, but I haven’t had any time to work with it yet.

Seven. Nothing.

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