Friday, 18 October 2019

Goals update twelve

One. I contacted the local drama group a few weeks ago about supplying voices for the project but had no response from them. Fortunately, my wife is friendly with a local drama teacher who has offered help out, I know she has the know how and contacts to make it happen. I have two scripts ready to send to her for review and should have the third ready this weekend. I’m going to ask a friend to proof read them before I send them.

Two. I’m now on week nine of the programme, the thirty-minute run. I estimate I’m managing 4.5km in those thirty minutes, so within touching distance of the goal.  

Three. Goal met. My weight earlier this week was 106.1kg, although I’ve been around 107kg for a couple of weeks. I’m not entirely sure my diet is healthy; I’ve basically been doing intermittent fasting/time restricted eating half the week and eating what I want the rest of the week.

Four. I’ve placed an order for the definitive DAX guide on Amazon, but suggested delivery time is a couple of months! My main worry is the card I’ve used to pay for it will expire before it arrives!

Five. Bunch of stuff to do this weekend, but still not hot round to the garage door.

Six. I’ve had the book on Python nearly six weeks, but still haven’t had time to work with it yet.

Seven. Nothing.

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