Sunday, 1 December 2019

Goals update thirteen

One. Although I’ve had the offer of help from my daughter's drama teacher, I’ve been a bit reluctant to push this at the moment as I know she is really busy till mid-December staging two different amateur productions (as well as her day job). I’ve sent a copy of the first episode to a friend to proof read and offer criticism, after that I’ll think about how I proceed. I realise I’m running out of time if I want to get the first episode out before Christmas, but I don’t want to disrupt other people’s projects.

Two. I’m still running two or three times a week for half an hour. I’ve started using the Runkeeper app to track my progress and it shows how variable the distance covered can be in those thirty minutes depending on route taken. It has shown me that my typical distance is actually closer to 4k than 5k, so I’m looking for a route which will give me a confirmed 5k to put this one to bed.

Three. I’m down to 105kg continuing with the mix of intermittent fasting and time restricted eating, the rate of weight loss has dropped off significantly, but I’m no longer being as strict with my diet. I'm not sure I'll see further weight loss this side of Christmas, I think for now I need to work on consolidating my losses and perhaps changing my exercise routine, before having another stab at things early in the new year. I had my Nephrologist review last week and the doctor I saw was happy with my progress, but I'll write another post about that when I get time.

Four. My DAX book is still on order, although I am picking up bits and pieces for work I could do with some more challenging use cases.

Five. No work on the garage side door, it’s probably getting too late for this year. I had to make some emergency repairs to the garden fence following the storm in early November and I still need to put back a paving slab I removed to do it. I'm also pretty sure there are a bunch of small things my wife will want resolving before the hordes descend upon us at Christmas.

Six. The Python book I’ve had for the last couple of months is still untouched, but I'm working at home over Christmas so I'm going to make an effort to do a few exercises.

Seven. Nothing. Always a stretch, there's no chance I'll be doing anything on this before the end of the year.

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