Thursday, 17 September 2020

2020 Goals Update 2

It's been a while since I looked at these.

One. The Podcast. There has been no progress for months, with all the upheaval I just haven't found the time or space. Now my kids are heading back to school, and I'll still be predominantly working from home for the rest of the year, some space might open up.

Two. Strength & Fitness. I'm regularly running 5k and managed to set a personal best just under 36 minutes, although my typical time is around 37 minutes. Over the last couple of months I've noticed persistent soreness and stiffness in my right knee, which may be some kind of injury or even arthritis, but I'm managing it and I'm hoping to hit the 8k mark by the end of September. I'm also still doing weights at home, and I've added a resistance band into my routine which is good for warming up and also for quick sessions on days when I don't want to do a full weights session. I’m trying to build up my range of plates, but the Domyos brand I use seem to be permanently out of stock at Decathlon. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the strength improvement, although I realise that to make more gains I'll need to rethink my diet as regards mix of protein and carbs.

Three. Stabilise weight at 100kg. This one has gone completely pear shaped since lockdown. My weight is now a little over 106kg, up around 2kg on the beginning of the year, albeit some of that gain is muscle. Throughout 2020 my weight has fluctuated between 104kg and 108kg, with 106kg being typical. At the moment I'm still following a combination of intermittent fasting and time restricted eating, just not as strictly as when I achieved more significant weight loss. But given I'm unlikely to return to the office till January the personal routine that underpinned my earlier weight loss is unavailable. My hope now is to finish the year around 105kg and then reassess in 2021 with a new diet plan based around blended working.

Four. Improve Technical Knowledge. Since I returned from a six-week furlough in July I've mainly been on a fairly workaday decommissioning project, but it has given me some solid experience on Power BI Report Builder, an update of SQL Server Report Builder designed to work with the Power BI service. I never worked with SSRB so it's put an extra tool in my bag, albeit a fairly unglamorous one. However, I do have a new proof of concept piece where I'll be looking at hooking up Power BI to an API that handles binary data, which is a fairly unique challenge for me, along with another look at blending Power BI with Power Apps to do database write back. It's a pretty cool project overall.

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