Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Got My First Covid Jab

There aren't too many benefits of having CKD; but I found one last Thursday when I was invited to book my Covid-19 vaccination. Falling into the clinically vulnerable category meant my wife and I (she was diagnosed with diabetes a couple of years ago, but has largely reversed it) were bumped up the pecking order.

So, midday Friday we went to a local community centre and got the AstraZeneca jab together. Aside from being told to wait fifteen minutes before driving home it was a pretty quick and painless affair. We were clearly warned about the possible side effects, my wife did take some paracetamol as a precautionary measure, but since my CKD diagnosis I've generally avoided painkillers whenever possible. Not that I felt the need to take any, as I was perfectly fine from the moment I had the jab to the moment I went to bed shortly before 11 o'clock.

That lasted until just after midnight when I woke up with a stiff neck, a raging headache and a rapidly descending fever. Placing my hand on my arm I could feel the heat coming off my skin, and my pyjamas were damp with sweat, yet at the same time I was shivering constantly as my brain insisted I was cold. Going to the toilet was a major effort, searching the medical cabinet the dark for paracetamol was completely out of the question. I lay there for a couple of hours, convulsed by violent shakes, like a hideously oversized rag doll being pummelled by an unseen force.

Eventually my wife woke for the toilet around 2 o'clock, I don't know whether my exertions disturbed her, but she found me some paracetamol and eventually I got off to sleep. Waking in the night for the toilet has a tendency to disturb the dog downstairs, he listens for stirrings of life from the household and howls for attention if he detects it, but this night there was no way I was going down to soothe him. 

The next morning I felt better, not great, but better. I was stiff, like I'd done some serious exercise, which I suppose was the several hours of being shaken like a rag doll. My plan to run Saturday morning got knocked on the head, and for most of the day I felt a little out of sorts, becoming increasingly run down as the day went one. But with a half decent night's sleep I was well enough to put in a reasonable 5k on Sunday morning. Since then, I've had a little bit of the sniffles, which might be residual ‘flu like’ symptoms, but overall, it's a small price to pay for a path out of the plague. 

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