Monday, 24 May 2021

Another Belated Update

 It’s self-evident I’ve been pretty shit lately at updating this blog; as always I’ve simply been too busy with day to day life. It really is s a good job I decided not to set formal goals this year as tracking them wouldn’t have been disheartening. Having said all that, I haven’t drifted that far off course.

My writing/podcasting ambitions are pretty much permanently parked for now, I said in January this year could be make or break, and it’s increasingly looking like the latter. Although, perhaps I shouldn’t box myself in to a corner?

On the fitness side things aren’t too bad; I recently managed to upgrade my weight plates (having been out of stock for over a year), so I’m taking steps to increase progressive overload in my training sessions. I’m still running fairly regularly, aiming for two 5k runs per week, although some weeks it ‘s only one. I used to have a target of three 5k runs per week but time constraints and my dodgy knee mean that’s simply unsustainable. My 5k timings can be a bit erratic, and it’s been over six months since I managed to go longer than 5k, but the average is fairly stable and earlier this month I came in under 35 minutes for the first time. Also, having acquired a Labrador puppy in the autumn I’ve been spending at least an hour every day being taken for a walk by him.

My weight has fluctuated recently, topping out at 109kg, although mostly in the 107kg - 108kg range (last Wednesday’s weigh in it was 107kg exactly). I know that the way to get it under control is to tighten up on the time restricted eating/intermittent fasting. At the moment I’ve been fairly relaxed on this, I’ve been eating breakfast most days whilst swapping a proper evening meal for a light snack like toast or soup two or three times a week. From July I’ll probably be back to the office a couple of times a week, in which case it will be easier to revert to a more severe calorie restriction on those days (working from home makes snacking/grazing easier, in the office I can avoid food more easily).

Also on the bright side, I’ve now had both my Covid vaccinations, and the second jab went fine, so no waking in the night shaking like a rag doll. With lockdown easing I’m also looking forward to a few short away breaks we have booked in June; it’s nice to have stuff to look forward and I could do with recharging my batteries.

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