Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Going Backwards

So, summer has been and gone and as autumn rolls in I find myself with some work to do.

Firstly, on the podcasting/writing stuff I do have a plan to get things going again. I know I keep saying this, but with things settling down into a routine I can see some opportunity to fit this in over the next couple of months. 

Diet wise things have gone pear shaped, or rather I've gone a bit pear shaped. Although I managed to keep a lid on things over my holidays, since mid-August my weight has crept up from 108kg to nearly 110kg. This is very disappointing, especially as it's not down to bingeing, it's just a general relaxation in habits; a couple of beers too many times a week and a chocolate bar on too many days. What it has taught me is that I really cannot slack off, ever! My metabolism simply does not allow for any complacency. I have started a new diet, a week in and it hasn't made any difference yet, but I need to give it till the end of September before I hit panic. The goal now is to end the year at 107kg.

Fitness wise I have been managing a 5k run most weeks, with some shorter runs if time allows. I do walk the dog at least once day, often two of three times a day, so I'm getting cardio in. However, my right knee is seriously fucked now, running is genuinely painful, if I can't get it suitably warmed up then it's incredibly difficult and I've found myself abandoning runs half a kilometre in due to the pain. Walking up and down stairs is painful, at certain times walking anywhere is painful, I can wake up with an ache simply having slept in a certain position. I have contacted my GP surgery for a non-emergency consultation and I'm waiting for a response but given the horror stories in the news I'm not hopeful. 

I'm still resistance training three to four times a week with bands and free weights, so my core strength is pretty stable, I could do with more intensity in my training, but it's hard as I'm usually fitting it in later in the day, when I've already done work and family stuff, and my energy is waning. With a bit of rejigging I might be able to do it earlier in the day sometimes. I probably also need to start using the exercise bike to replace the running I'm no longer able to do.

Work has been pretty busy, but the return to the office has been slower that I initially imagined, I have been in once, and I will probably start going in once a week from later this month, but it's likely to be November before I'm in a stable pattern of twice weekly office attendance. This is assuming we don't have another lockdown in late autumn/early winter.

CKD wise I have my next telephone appointment on 28th September, I am a little worried about this, given the last telephone appointment never happened as the doctor was unable to reach me on either telephone number despite no calls being logged that morning on either number. I did check at the time they have correct numbers, so assuming it goes ahead this will be my first direct contact with a specialist since November 2019!

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