Sunday, 7 August 2022

Ticking Over

Things have been going pretty well lately, I went up north for a week with my son and it was nice to catch up with family. As predicted I ate too many pies and made several trips to the club with my Dad and brother, fortunately I also made sure to get in a couple of decent walks each day to keep on top of things.

I had a bit of shocker with my car, my Dad took it to the mechanic he uses to see if he could find why it has a habit of cutting out at a stop. He did some jiggery pokery with the choke, but he also informed us that I had no brake lights as the brake light switch had failed. Because it was the switch and not the lights themselves that failed there was no warning message on the dashboard, so it appears I drove the best part of 250 miles with no brake lights! All sorted now.

At work I’m still getting into my new job, I’m trying to drum up work so that all my guys are fully utilised. It will take a little while as my brief is a little bit vague, but I’m picking up bits of work that other people have started. I’m also about to run a wellbeing survey wearing my other hat as an employee engagement champion, although August is not necessarily the best time to do this.

The house sale still hasn’t gone through, mainly due to people twatting around lower down the chain, fortunately I’m not getting involved in any of it as I’m not really part of the chain. Despite this my ex seems to be less shitty with me, which I’m pretty sure is because she’s found a way to resume hookups with the secret boyfriend. Since I’ve given her my set of house keys I’m pretty much out of the scene and that’s the way I plan to keep it.

I’ve got one week of work left before my summer holidays. I’ll be going to Spain with my son for the first week, and then the second week we’ll need to find some cost effective things closer to home to fill the time. Things seem to be getting better with my daughter too, so hopefully I’ll get to spend some more time with her over the rest of the summer. 

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